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Humans Connect to Humans: Adopting a Social Media Mindset for Business Success

Dispelling Social Media Myths with Mark W. Schaefer

“If you go on social media to sell stuff people will run away. Help them improve their lives and they’ll stay.”

That’s just one of the insightful nuggets of information Mark W. Schaefer shared with the audience at Barrie Business Week and one of the many reasons I’ve been following him for years.

He’s a globally-recognized educator, consultant and thought leader, as well as an author of five best-selling books. And his blog {grow} just happens to be one of the top marketing blogs of the world. I was fortunate to hear Mark give an insightful and motivating session at SXSWi, where I also learned of his connection to another local company, gShift, a sponsor for his blog and books. I immediately thought, wow, how great would it be if we could bring him to Barrie to talk to our growing entrepreneurial sector?

SchaeferM_041_WEBRESHe accepted the invitation and came up to Barrie to provide inspiration to our business community during Barrie Business Week. The topic for discussion was Social Media Explained, outlining the five foundational social media strategies that every business owner needs to understand and implement in their quest for success. It was an engaging presentation that gave everyone in the room a solid jumpstart to developing a social media and content marketing strategy.

What I like about Mark is his ability to make his message very understandable. During his talk he dispelled the hype and pointed out the straightforward fact that social media is simply the power of one to one communication. His session began with the most basic of truths, “humans connect to humans.” Once you get that, you have the ability to create influential content.

Content that moves through a network is a legitimate source of influence and power.” Mark W. Scheafer

I can’t agree more. It’s about honesty, trust and connections, and it is no different than what you do offline. You develop relationships, you help each other out, you get interested in people – that’s a big one – listening and making an effort.

It’s adopting a social media mindset, thinking about connections and thinking about reach. It’s creating more transparency and honesty within the business. People are searching for authenticity. That’s what they are attracted to; they don’t want hype and a hard sales pitch. They can see right through it.  The beauty of social media is that everyone has access to thought leaders and experts. I can converse with anyone, at any time. This opens the door around business. That is the beauty of social media – attracting talent, communicating, connecting and discovering. Once you start to communicate you really never know what’s going to happen.

Understand that and you will realize that social media is not scary. Sure you have to think about it and understand the different ways to engage people, but it is about knowing what people’s problems are and knowing how to solve them. That is what you are in business for. Take it down to the simplest form and begin connecting with people.

Like anything, if you don’t know how to get started there are experts out there who can help you. Invest Barrie is committed to bring thought leaders to the city to engage and inspire our business community with their knowledge, innovative ideas and expertise.

Is there an expert you would love to hear speak? Let Invest Barrie know and they will investigate the opportunity to bringing the speaker in for a keynote event.

Marc Hill is the Founder, President and CEO of Digital Giants, a strategic multi-channel digital marketing agency and a Barrie Business Ambassador.

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