Barrie Business Ambassadors

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Are you looking for former Ambassadors to rejoin?

Not necessarily, new members are welcome. The criteria will determine the new ambassadors.

How are you going to accomplish what you set out to do?

We will have a group of well connected individuals dedicated to following leads and bringing in investment. We will have a measurable list of what we would like to accomplish and track the activities of the group.

How can I join?

Please fill out an application form.

How will you measure success?

Each goal lends to metrics, we will set goals and metrics to accompany those goals. Ie: measure the number of leads, measure the number of recruitments, dollar value of angel investment, number of members the group generates.

If I am an Ambassador what will be expected of me?

To help promote Barrie nationally and internationally

Is this politically motivated?

No, this is Business led and City supported.

What are you trying to accomplish?

The purpose of the group is to increase investment, promote the City of Barrie as a great place to do business and support local business development and growth. The group will also act as a business liaison to City Hall providing advice and collaborating on initiative to strengthen economic development.

What makes you different from the Economic Development Dept. and Chamber?

This group is for broader economic development, we are trying to leverage the existing business connections that local business already have in place to develop leads and pursue investment. This group is different because members travel frequently and often have the audience to promote the city. It is easier for business to get face time with other businesses in order to promote the city. Promotion is often received better when delivered B to B than when government delivers a message.

What makes you different than all the other groups that exist?

Currently other groups in existence service local business, the idea behind this group is to focus outside of Simcoe County, nationally and internationally. Using the members representing key sectors in the group to follow leads and assist in bringing in investment.

Why can’t I join the group?

In order for the group not to become too large and unmanageable, there will be limited members. The members will be chosen according to their expertise in the key identified sectors. The group will always work with the community and assist in any potential lead.

Why would I want to join this group?

You have the key criteria the group is looking for and are well connected nationally and internationally. Your business experience and connections along with your dedication and ability to economically grow the community makes you a prime candidate to get involved and you feel you would add value to the group and what they are trying to accomplish.