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Barrie Business Ambassadors Application

Ideas in Motion brought forward key priorities, one of which was the reestablishment of the Business Ambassador program: a business led, city supported, special purpose program focused on advancing economic growth in the greater Barrie area by harnessing local business champions.

The Barrie Business Ambassadors is a group of local business leaders who care about the economic and social future of our broader community and want to demonstrate the spirit of our engaged business community to the world. They seize the opportunity to help shape the future of the greater Barrie area by promoting and supporting our community’s growth, vibrancy and prosperity through their connections, resources and industry contacts. They are committed to our community, put honesty and integrity above all else and are therefore respected by their peers as reliable sources of information and guidance. They value cooperation, collaboration and teamwork and believe that if we attract and grow business and improve our economic future, we all benefit. Business Ambassadors demonstrate a pro-growth mindset and are vested in growing the community and creating good employment so residents can remain local and induce further growth to the area.

As business leaders in the community, the Barrie Business Ambassadors generously provide their time and leadership, and are directly involved with developing key programs and campaigns that can lead to economic growth and increased social prosperity in the greater Barrie area. From advocating and promoting the City and its successes, to facilitating connections between businesses, providing advice and expertise to the City and the broader business community, and actively identifying opportunities and leads for increased investment and employment growth in the greater Barrie area, the Barrie Business Ambassadors are a vital component in supporting Barrie’s economic future.

The following questions will help The Barrie Business Ambassadors Steering Committee learn important information about each applicant for membership. The committee looks forward to learning more about you, and your interest in becoming an Ambassador. Please allow yourself up to approximately one hour to complete the application.